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Time is Money they say. A clear and concise statement which reflects the actual trend in many companies: make IT secure, fast, highly-available, and reduce costs.

To achieve this ambitious goal, companies are often forced to undertake "IT Transformation" in an attempt to utilise new technologies, while still supporting and extending existing solutions, and to do so quickly.

Experience has shown that there's often insufficient resources available, and not enough time to implement these new technologies without negatively impacting existing solutions.

Our Services

We make new technologies available

Built on in-depth product knowledge, and real-world experience. For a fixed price, and within a short time we are able to go from design to deployment.

Where applicable, the components used are based on mature OSS solutions, with enterprise support available if required. This gives you the opportunity to start small, reach your goals fast, save time and money, and thereby reduce risk.

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4Dmetrics is a monitoring solution built on VictoraMetrics and enhanced with a lot of useful features like:

Smart Alerts

Gives you much more control over your existing alerting.

Comprehensive Documentation

The solution is shipped with its own customized documentation to ensure that you have all of the information that you require at your fingertips.

Optimised Dashboards

Our out-of-the-box dashboards allow you to immediately start using the service.

Service Portal

A light-weight web application acting as the entrypoint to the stack. Includes links to the different components as well as a handy health overview.

Unified Health API Endpoints

Easy to use Health API Endpoints to integrate into any of your existing monitoring solution. All components share a common structure such as /health/{component}

Sometimes you don't need an existing product, but custom engineering and/or consulting. We can help with the following challenges:

Container Platform

Cloud Journey


System Engineering

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