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Standing out from competitors

We believe that in order to stand out from the competition, you need to continously improve the business value that your services offer.

This is why our services focus on the following key areas:







How We Can Help

Our Services are designed to provide you with the following benefits:

Achieve Your Goals

Get what you pay for, in the timescales you need.

Reduce Costs

Drive down operational costs by containerising your applications and defining infrastructure as code.

Replace Legacy

We can support you to replace your legacy applications, with new, modern, flexible and scalable services.

Time To Market

Improve "Time to Market" by implementing fully automated CI/CD processes along with the required governance.


José Bargues

DevOps / Cloud Engineer

I am passionate about the work and to challenge myself daily to learn new skills. As a people-person I quickly find common ground within new teams and projects.

Nic Grobler

DevOps / Cloud Engineer

A very fast learner, able to work under pressure to achieve results. I am always looking for the next challenge, and genuinely love what I do.

Stefan Mantel

IT Solution Architect

Senior Solution Architect with a strong focus on customer needs, security topics and DevSecOps with experience in Banking IT, Fin- Tech and Start-Ups.

Lucien Stuker

DevOps / Cloud Engineer

Passionate all-around Cloud Native and Software development.

Kristaps Radebahs

DevOps / Cloud Engineer

A highly competent and organized systems administrator with experience of software procurement, installation and administration.

Tobias Schlaepfer

DevOps / Cloud Architect

Always keen to learn new technologies and tools. Loves to design and implement innovative solutions with a strong focus on security and automation.


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