A DevOps company based in Switzerland.

We use extensive industry experience to help customers automate the deployment and management of their services (some that we create). Our motivation is to help others by freeing them to do what they want to do: develop software.

Open positions:

You clicked on our DevOps job, that's the first step towards a more rewarding career.

  • What you will do:
    • Help our customer development teams to integrate their workflows to take advantage of Kubernetes
    • Create amazing build and deploy pipelines so that a release is only a commit away
    • Build Cloud Native Infrastructure
    • Help to develop awesome new services
  • What you will get:
    • An interesting challenge with lots of creative freedom
    • An open and interactive work environment with passionate people
    • Opportunity for further development in a growing company
    • Great fringe benefits to help make your life that little bit more pleasant
  • What you bring with you:
    • A degree in computer science (Bachelor's or Master's) with a focus on software engineering, or comparable education.
    • You have profound, multi-year practical and project experience in software engineering in a business and technically complex environment.
    • You understand agile development methodologies and DevOps.
    • Knowledge of development in Python and Go.
    • In-depth knowledge of Linux, Kubernetes, Helm, and Docker.
    • Experience with public cloud providers such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud) or Microsoft Azure.
    • Excellent expertise in CI/CD with GitOps (ArgoCD/Flux), Jenkins, GoCD.
    • Experience with Configuration Management (Ansible) and Infrastructure as Code (Terraform).
    • Ability to work through problems, methodically, independently as well as part of a team.

Sound interesting? If so, don't be shy - we don't bite: Just send us an email, and an actual human will get back to you.

Coming soon.

Although not yet listed, if you have been trying to get into "DevOps", but aren't sure if you have the skills, don't be shy - we don't bite: Just send us an email telling us a bit about yourself, and an actual human will get back to you.

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